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Over the past decade, more and more armed forces have recognized the advantages of TETRA. In particular, they are interested in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions which are at the same time fast-deployable, robust and mission-critical. Those are exactly our strengths. Not surprisingly, a number of armed forces have opted for Rohill to meet their communications needs. Be it for peacekeeping missions, use on military bases or for logistic operations.

TETRA for the Military
The mission-critical architecture of the TETRA system makes TETRA the answer to the challenging military market. Unlike country or supplier-specific solutions, TETRA is an open standard, meaning that terminals and infrastructures of different suppliers can be used seamlessly together. This allows for competitive, interoperable COTS solutions. For obvious reasons, the encryption and authentication capabilities of TETRA are a key advantage for the military market. Users also benefit from all the increased functionalily available from TETRA.

TetraNode for the military
The ‘plug-and-play’ nature makes TetraNode really fast deployable. Setup time is very low and little expertise is needed to make it running. TetraNode also stands out for its robust operation as well as its self-organizing quality, making it resilient to network failures and independent of third-party networks. Components are, for instance, highly shock-resistant. TetraNode fully complies with open IP standards, which facilitates integration with existing IP backhaul networks. Highly recognized TetraNode features for military applications include NATO-compliant call pre-emption and high-grade authentication and encryption. Another significant benefit is the powerful open architecture with open interfaces for network management, applications and IP backhaul integration. All in all, TetraNode is rightfully considered the best solution for military applications.

Our military customers
Defence customers turn to us as we are the only TETRA infrastructure supplier to deliver a truly portable and fast deployable solution. They also appreciate TetraNode’s open architecture based on open-source software, including the Linux operating system. On top of that, they receive the benefits of our patented ODINI mechanism in terms of instant reliable speech communication over satellite links. Where long delays are typical for satellite link communication, it doesn’t affect the user experience with ODINI.

Softswitch technology
TetraNode applies the latest softswitch technology together with the most open, reliable Real-Time Linux operating system and standards-based Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware platforms to produce a TETRA system. All functionality is implemented through software, providing numerous benefits including increased flexibility, speed and integration of IP. TetraNode is based on a minimum amount of standard PC and networking hardware, which makes it simple to install and maintain.

Unique features and benefits
TetraNode offers powerful features for mission, safety and business critical operations. This includes seamless operation of group calls from the telephone, instant group patching without the need for (time-consuming) DGNA calls, the so-called collective individual call feature, include and transfer calls, and many more. TetraNode is also unique among current PMR solutions in allowing multiple air interface protocols to be networked together in a single, integrated, seamless solution. TetraNode offers both a TetraNode IP Gateway (TIG) and a TetraNode Packet Data Gateway (TPG), which allow an infinite number of standard and third-party applications to be run over the TetraNode infrastructure. TetraNode is one of the very few solutions on the market – perhaps the only one – which can claim to support the full range of services and applications supported by all TETRA terminals available on the market.

TetraNode supports all available network topologies. Ample opportunities for redundancy and resilience are built into the solution, allowing 99.999% network availability, enabled by both equipment and link redundancy schemes.
Connectivity to other networks and devices is guaranteed through a wide variety of system interfaces. Apart from modern IP-based interfaces for applications and SIP telephony, TetraNode supports a large number of legacy interfaces, which include E1 / ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI and analog telephony, as well as interconnection with analog base stations. A wide range of applications are available for efficient and powerul dispatch, voice and data logging and network management. All these applications are designed, built and maintained by Rohill, allowing maximum flexibility for customization and commitment for long-term maintenance.

Finally, it is important to reiterate TetraNode’s complete adherence to the TETRA standard and other open networking standards as well as its powerful TETRA features not supplied by other systems manufacturers. TetraNode is a truly robust, powerful, open networking solution for mission-critical communications.

TetraNode, Rohill’s TETRA infrastructure solution, uses standard hardware and software components to create the most economical and powerful systems currently available on the market. TetraNode’s flat network architecture based on nodes challenges the traditional hierarchical way of building...

Rohill provides first-class service and support to our end-users through our partners. Whether it is for technical training, Factory or Site Acceptance Tests, for troubleshooting or repair, we have our support team ready for 24 hours per day during all 365 days per y

Rohill solutions are found around the world. We have supplied networks to all continents and in total over 40 countries. The TetraNode product line allows tailoring of solutions that consist of three core platforms, base stations, dispatch solutions, network management and interfaces to telephony...

Rohill provides service and support to its end-users through its partner network. Carefully selected partners and value-added resellers across the world have entered into Service & Support Agreements with us to serve you best. And that’s all the more important considering the mission-critical business most customers are in. Under this agreement, first-line and second-line support are provided by the local service organisation. For any remaining issues, the Rohill support helpdesk is available as part of third-line support.

African Exports is an established Rohill partner and provider http://www.rohill.nl

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