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about african exports unlimited

Specialists in Armoured Mil & Security Spec. & Soft Skin vehicles REVA Agents.

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African Exports prides itself in maintaining the highest standards in exports and provision of specialised products locally and internationally. Our experience and track records speaks for itself and is the cornerstone of our success. Our reach is global and our product range is not limited. We are able to source and provide to clients specific needs and requirements.

African Exports Unlimited was established 14 years ago and has grown into a reputable company with a high profile list of clients. We supply mostly to Africa and the Middle East specializing in new products of highest quality. Our Main lines are Armoured Military Specification Vehicles, Armoured TOYOTAS to International Specifications, Soft Skin Toyotas including most models of Land Cruisers ( all TOYOTAS IN BOND & DUTY FREE ), Ambulances, Ballistic & Riot Equipment, Boats such as Interceptors & Coastal Patrol units. On Certain Agency lines like our Armoured Personnel Carriers we supply optional complete after sales service & maintenance packages in end countries.


Some of our vehicles include but are not lmited to the following

REVA Mil Spec. 4x4 Landmine, Ballistic & IED Resistant  Vehicles

NEW ( In Bond Duty Free ) LHD Armored TOYOTAS 200’s, L78, L79, Ambulances

NEW ( In Bond Duty Free)  Soft Skin TOYOTAS, most Models.

Ex NATO & UN & SADF very low mileage 4x4, 6x6 + 8x6 LHD Trucks

New (In Bond Duty Free ) Mercedes & Iveco 4x4 & 6x6 Trucks

New (In Bond Duty Free ) Mercedes & Iveco 4x4 & 6x6 Trucks

Delivery to almost anywhere.

Peripheral enhancement that include:

Armor Cell Kits , IED Jammers and Security Equipment , Spares packages (inc Snow Chains) , Ballistic blankets , 'Nimbus screening , Ancillary systems (Hooters, Sirens, Lights etc) , Vehicle medical equipment , Vehicle emergengy toolkits , Kelar based tyre sealant , Runflat systems 

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